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Do you know the types of X-ray collimators?

There are many types of X-ray collimators, such as simple X-ray collimators. There are two types of shielding plate type and shielding cylinder type. The shielding plate type is to install a square or circle with a certain size in the x-tube window. For the lead plate with a shaped hole, the opening of the lead plate takes the center of the x-ray as the symmetric center. When projecting, you can get an irradiation field suitable for the size of the hole at a certain distance. Generally, an x-ray machine is equipped with multiple shields with different apertures, and the size of the irradiation field of the corresponding distance is indicated on the top.
The movable X-ray collimator, in order to make the selection and adjustment of the irradiation field more flexible and convenient in use, and to improve the shielding effect, a movable beam limiter appears. The active X-ray collimator is superior in function. It can continuously adjust the size of the irradiation field to meet the shadowing requirements of various sizes of film at any distance. It is widely used by modern X-ray machines. In terms of structure, it is an early activity. The X-ray collimator is composed of two pairs of lead leaves that can be opened and closed independently and arranged vertically in two layers. The movement of each pair of lead leaves is centered on the X-ray center.
Manual X-ray collimator: Manual X-ray collimator is mostly used in photography. The opening and closing activities of the lead leaf of the X-ray collimator cover the wire by manually adjusting the knob or pulling rod on the X-ray collimator. Achieved. In addition to the above-mentioned internal structure, there is also an irradiation field indicator system.
Electric X-ray collimator: Electric X-ray collimator is mostly used in fluoroscopy, which is convenient for remote control and is an indispensable component for remote control gastrointestinal bed. Automatic X-ray collimator: There is little difference in structure between the automatic X-ray collimator and the electric X-ray collimator. The difference is that the fully automatic X-ray collimator is equipped with a lead leaf state detection device.
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