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Design structure of electric collimator

Everyone knows that the collimator is an indispensable component of the X-ray machine, and has a large part of the understanding of the electric collimator, and understands the use of the electric collimator, then the design structure of the electric collimator What role does it play in its use? Next, let’s take a look at the design of the electric collimator device. Normally, the design of the electric collimator device: pull the handle out to the 1.5m cable position to protect it and prevent the bed from running. The machine will recognize the gastrointestinal system. Some photography can be done under the beam position, only up and down, left and right, not rotating, only one exposure. Chest X-ray: To set the position. Rear-front position: Back to the tube, Front-to-back position: Facing the tube, Side position: Raise your arms to hold your head. Some chest X-ray racks have handles. Hang your hands on the rack for electric beam light. Everyone knows the usage scenarios of the device. Let’s stop here for today’s sharing.
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