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Customers want to know the main function of collimator products

Some customers call our company and want to know what are the main functions of the collimator products? Here is a brief introduction to customers.

What is a harness device? What is the application of collimator in X-ray machine?

The speed limiter is also called “shroud”, “shrinker” or “beamer”. It is installed in the window of the x-ray tube and used to shield unnecessary primary x-rays during X-ray inspection. It can limit the X-ray irradiation field to the minimum required range, and minimize the dose of X-ray irradiation by the patient.

The main functions of the collimator are summarized as follows:

a. The collimator limits the irradiation field, so that the radiation dose received by the patient and the operator is as small as possible.

b. Reduce the area that produces secondary rays and improve the clarity of perspective and photography.

c. Block leakage rays as much as possible.

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