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Customers consult our company’s manual X-ray collimator

We received an inquiry from a customer, saying that we would like to know about our manual X-ray collimator. So first add the customer’s contact information, and after a look, the customer is a dealer, and he mainly wants to replace the hospital equipment. After asking the customer’s company name, he sends the past company information to the customer. After reading it, the customer said that it was the first time to do a manual X-ray collimator project. He wants me to tell him about the product knowledge of manual X-ray collimators.
What are the advantages of our manual X-ray collimator compared with other collimators? The company’s products have self-developed medical image automatic enhancement software to comprehensively improve image quality. All images are processed in multiple frequency domains to achieve the separation of different image organization structures, the clarity of image organization, and the perfect combination of well-designed image processing algorithms and high-performance computing libraries to display excellent images in real time.
There are many types of collimators, such as simple collimators. There are two types: wire-shielding plate type and wire-shielding barrel type. The wire-shielding plate type is a lead with a square or round hole of a certain size installed in the x casing window. The opening of the lead plate is centered on the center of the x-ray as the center of symmetry. When projecting, you can get an irradiation field suitable for the size of the hole at a certain distance. Generally, an x-ray machine is equipped with multiple shields with different apertures, and the size of the irradiation field of the corresponding distance is indicated on the top.
The above is all about the manual X-ray collimator, welcome to consult.

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