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Customer inquires about X-ray collimator for spare upgrade

I recently received a customer inquiry about our X-ray collimator, and the customer saw related products on our company’s website. Our company mainly produces two kinds of manual X-ray collimators and electric X-ray collimators. In the positioning with the tube sleeve, the beam limiter adopts a special connection piece to be fixed and integrated with the hair blue plate of the tube sleeve window, and can be rotated within a certain range. The focus position required by the X-ray collimator during installation is the same as that required by the X-ray collimator. The focus position of the actual X-ray tube assembly is the same. With the development of the X-ray machine host, the beam limiter has also evolved from simple to complex in structure, and from singularity to multi-purpose in function.
At present, the main international X-ray collimator manufacturers include Toshiba, Siemens, etc. The maximum voltage of the X-ray tube of the X-ray collimator produced by our company is 125kv, and the single lighting time of the bulb is 30 seconds. The customer asked what the lead leaf looks like, is it completely closed or is there a certain gap? Reply to the customer Lead leaf is optional, there is a layer, the lead leaf control is mainly manual control.
Some manual X-ray collimators are also called simple X-ray collimators. Simple X-ray collimator has two types: wire-shielding plate type and wire-shielding barrel type. The shielding plate type is to additionally install a lead plate with a certain size of square or round hole in the X tube sleeve window, and the opening of the lead plate is centered on the X-ray center as the center of symmetry. When performing projection, an irradiation field suitable for the size of the hole can be obtained at a certain distance. Generally, an X-ray machine is equipped with multiple shields with different apertures, and the size of the irradiation field of the corresponding distance is indicated on the top for selection. The shape of the shielded cylinder X-ray collimator is a conical metal cylinder, and some are lined with a thin lead sheet to increase the protective effect. During projection, it mainly relies on the blocking and absorption of X-rays by the tube wall to limit the irradiation field. Therefore, the size of the irradiation field can be determined by the length and diameter of the shielding cylinder, and the irradiation field is generally circular.


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