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Customer consultation x-ray collimators for preparation

We have had many recent enquiries from customers about our collimators, the x-ray collimator housing is an iron multi-purpose x-ray collimator with a stable system, to ensure maximum x-rays can be emitted from the beam limiter, the x-ray collimator walls are made entirely of metal with double rows of lines.
The x-ray collimator uses six pairs of vanes to control the field of view of the x-rays, which are also lead-lined. There are two pairs at the entrance of the rays, two pairs in the middle of the rays, and two pairs at the exit of the rays. A knob on the panel of the manual x-ray collimator controls the blades. The user can read the scale values on the panel according to the size of the field of view and then set them with the knob.

Are the types of lights in the x ray collimator LED lights


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