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Customer consultation X-ray collimator

(X-ray collimator)

On August 31, we received a consultation from our customers. In order to make the selection and adjustment of the radiation field more flexible and convenient to use, and continue to improve the shielding effect, an active beam limiter was introduced. The function of movable beam limiter is superior. It can continuously adjust the size of the radiation field to meet the requirements of shielding films of various sizes at any distance.


It is widely used by modern X-ray machines. Structurally, the early active beam limiter consists of two pairs of guide vanes, which can be opened and closed independently and arranged vertically in two layers. The activity of each pair of lead leaves is centered on the symmetry center of X-ray. The opening and closing of the two guide vanes control the length and width of the irradiation field respectively to achieve the purpose of flexibly adjusting the size and shape of the irradiation field.

How to protect the x ray collimator during use to ensure normal use


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