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Customer consultation manual collimator

This is a customer who wants to buy our manual collimator. After contacting, the customer is the distributor, and first of all, we must understand the parameters of the manual collimator product and more specific knowledge. So, what kind of equipment is an X-ray collimator?
It is installed on the output window of the X-ray tube. Its main function is to control the X-ray output area of ​​the X-ray tube to meet X-ray imaging diagnosis and film shooting, and absorb some scattered light to reduce unnecessary dose and improve image clarity.
The manual collimator has the function of continuously adjusting the radiation field and is used for X-ray medical diagnosis. It is widely used in various X-ray medical equipment. It is mainly used for portable X-ray machines or mobile X-ray machines. It can also be used in ordinary photographic or fluorescent X-ray cameras. Its AC voltage is 12v. The distance between the focal point of the X-ray tube and the mounting surface is about 40mm.
The manual collimator is also equipped with a shield, which is a lead plate with a certain size of square or circular hole installed in the X-ray tube window. The opening of the lead plate is located in the center of the X-ray. When performing X-ray photography, a radiation field corresponding to the size of the hole can be obtained at a certain distance. Generally, X-ray machines are equipped with multiple screens with different apertures, and the size of the radiation field corresponding to the distance is indicated on them.
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