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Configuration of X-ray machine parts for different types of collimators radiology

The X-ray machine parts produced by our company can be used for supporting production and use of X-ray machines. Today I will introduce to you one of the indispensable X-ray machine parts types of collimators radiology, which can also be called beam limiters, etc. So what role does the collimator play in the X-ray machine?
The X-ray generated by the digital X-ray system is adjusted by the collimatorr to adjust the size of the irradiation field, making the photography more flexible, and the customized configuration fully meets the needs.
Different types of collimators radiology are configured differently, and the types of X-ray machines are also different. So how should I confirm the type of collimator that my X-ray machine is equipped with?
The types of collimators radiology is suitable for various x-ray machines and fluoroscopy machines, and the image is clearer through the collimator. Newheek collimator is divided into manual, electric and automatic. It is suitable for different X-ray machines, and customers can choose any according to their needs.



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