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Configuration of X-ray machine components for different types of x ray collimators

Our company specializes in the production and sales of X-ray machines and supporting equipment.
Today I’m going to introduce you to one of the indispensable parts of the X-ray machine, the “X-ray collimator”, also known as the X-ray beam, etc.
So what does a collimator do in an X-ray machine?
The size of the exposure field is adjusted by the X-ray produced by the ball tube through the X-ray collimator, and the visible light is used to preset the X-ray projection location area and area, which can make the shooting more flexible, and the customized configuration fully meets the needs.
Different types of collimators are suitable for different X-ray machines.
The principle is much the same, but the operation is very different.
What kind of collimator is my X-ray machine?
The X-ray collimator is suitable for all kinds of X-ray machines and fluoroscopy machines. The X-ray collimator gives clearer images.
Newheek collimator is divided into three types: manual, electric and automatic.
Therefore, this type of equipment is produced by our factory, so the price is also very affordable, and there is a quality assurance auxiliary installation and other services, if you are interested in this type of equipment, welcome to contact our business manager.

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