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Columator imaging principle

Columator is medical X-ray machine installation in the X ray tube exit , used to shade the X-ray scattering line, reduce X-ray damage to patients, improve the quality of imaging, the X-ray irradiation field limiting device in the required range. To regulate the size, shape, and quality of the X-ray exposure field by columator control.
The working principle of its columator is that, because X-ray is not visible light, it cannot directly determine the radiation range of the patient’s irradiated site.
So use visible light instead of x-rays to determine the radiation field. Based on the principle of mirror reflection, columator places the mirror on the Angle bisector of simulated light source and focus. In this way, the visible light emitted by the light source is simulated and reflected by the mirror.
Newheek columator is divided into manual type and electric type. Manual columator is divided into three types: NK102, NK103 and NK202, which are suitable for different types of X-ray machines.


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