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Collimator working principle

The use and effect of collimator working principle:
Mainly used for surgery, high efficiency
From the ergonomics point of view, it can save manpower, make the operation more convenient, and let the operator not be distracted.
Medical beam beams are also called collimators:-aim, maintain and straighten.
The projected light is a fan-shaped light, which can be understood as a cross section, and the width of the slit depends on the detector
Also known as analog (radiotherapy) positioning machine: it has precise marking, perspective positioning, left and right coordinate scales, there is a cross, and there are scales on the cross. Surgery, etc. require the wiring harness to be precise.
Manual and electric collimator working principle:
1) The function is changed by the key.
2) Collimator working principle: controlled by the machine, automatically controlled, so it must be electric, the machine has a program, set the value, no manual intervention is required.
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What types of x ray collimator are used in portable X-ray machines


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