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Collimator NK202

The collimator (collimator NK202) is mainly connected with the tube, and its function is to position and use when setting up, and simulate the radiation area of ​​the X-ray machine, which can reduce the measurement of patient radiation and enhance the image quality. In addition, it can also indicate the projection center and the size of the projection field of view. Therefore, the beam beam is an indispensable auxiliary device of the X-ray machine.
The manual collimator (collimator NK202) is mainly used for filming. The opening and closing activities of the collimator covering the lead leaf can be realized by manually adjusting the knob or pull rod on the beam limiter. In addition to the above, its internal structure is also equipped with a lighting field indicator system.
The manual collimator NK202 is mainly used for fixed X-ray machines, mainly matched with 150 KV X-ray tubes.
The main parameters are
Applicable high voltage 125KV
Large irradiation field 440mmx440mm (SID=100cm)
Average brightness of light field >160lux
Illumination ratio >4:1
Bulb 24V/100W
Light field lamp single lighting time 30S
Focus-installation surface distance (adjustable as required) 60
Inherent filtration (75kV) 1mmAL
Additional filtering (optional) external, optional
Blade drive mode manual
Input power AC24V/DC24V
SID measuring tape standard
Dimensions (WLH) mm 223x185x87
Weight (Kg, without cable) 5.5
Light field size indication Knob pointer scale
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