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We at Newheek produce various types of manual, electric and automatic X-ray collimators.
The collimator can also be called a wire harness. It is an electromechanical optical device installed in front of the output window of the X-ray tube assembly. The main function of the collimator is to control the irradiation field of the X-ray tube output line so as to Under the premise of satisfying X-ray imaging and diagnosis, minimize the projection range to avoid unnecessary dose; and can absorb some scattered rays to improve image clarity. In addition, it can also indicate the size of the projection center and the projection field of view. Therefore, the collimator is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for X-ray projection and protection. What does the collimator look like? See the picture below for details:
The picture below shows the collimator. Is it cute? Back to the topic, the collimator adopts a special connection piece to fix and cooperate with the flange plate of the tube sleeve window, and can be rotated within a certain range, and the focus position required by the installation time limiter is the focus position of the actual X-ray tube assembly Consistent. With the development of the X-ray machine mainframe, the collimator has also evolved from simple to complex in structure, and from single to multi-purpose in function. There are electric, simple, manual and so on.



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