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Collimator in X-ray machine application

Collimator in X-ray machine is an important part of the collimator in X-ray machine, which is mainly used to limit the radiation range of X-ray beam to reduce the radiation to patients, and to realize the multi-slice function of X-ray film with the matching point film system.
The x ray collimator is usually mounted below the X-ray tube, which emits x-rays that are projected onto the subject through a blade opening inside the collimator in X-ray machine.
Collimator in X ray machine application
The size of the blade opening of the beam limiter, that is, the size of the blade opening, determines the projection range of the outgoing x-rays, while the excess rays emitted by the bulb beyond the scope of the blade opening will be absorbed and blocked by the blade instead of being emitted.
X-rays are harmful to the human body. It is necessary to control the scope of X-ray projection so that it can only reach the part that the patient needs to be examined. This can protect the part that the patient does not need to be examined from unnecessary X-ray radiation.
Newheek collimator in X-ray machine is divided into manual type, electric type and automatic type.Customers can choose according to their needs.


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