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Collimator device suitable for U arm planar DR

Collimator device suitable for U arm planar DR

The structure design of U-arm flat DR tight cluster makes it occupy the smallest space, but it can quickly realize the conversion of photographic parts, save photographic time, simple design, not simple function, reduce the failure rate of the whole machine modular design, convenient maintenance. It also has advanced flat-panel detectors, clear image tentacles available, high-quality high-voltage generators, power settings vary according to your heart.
Advanced development of U-arm flat panel DR requires high standards and high requirements for some of its components. Newheek’s NK202 collimator device can match U-arm flat panel DR. The following are the following:
Manual collimator device NK202 technical specifications
Applicable maximum voltage: 150KV
maximum irradiation field: 440mm x 440mm (SID = 100cm)
average brightness: > 160lux
illumination ratio: > 4:1
bulb: 24V / 150W
Single Lighting Time: 30S
Focus – Installation Surface Distance (adjustable as required): 60
Inherent Filter (75kV): 1 mmAL
Additional Filter (optional): External, optional
Blade drive mode: manual blade
drive motor: no
motor control mode: no
field size detection: no
Input power supply: AC24V / DC24V
SID measuring tape: laser indication of standard
center: WLH mm: 185x198x145
Weight (Kg, excluding cable): 6.8
field size indication: knob pointer scale.

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If our collimator device does not meet your purchase criteria, also please contact us service@newheek.com. We have other types of collimator device available for you to choose from.

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