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Collimation test classification use

Collimation test is a necessary part of medical X-ray diagnostic equipment. X-ray collimator is mounted just below the bulb’s ray emission window. It can be used to limit the range of X-ray radiation and minimize the impact of X-ray on human body according to the need of diagnosis.
Collimation test classification use
1. Manual: it is mostly used in photography. This collimation test covers the opening and closing activities of the lead blade, which is realized by manually adjusting the knob or lever on the beam limiter
2, electric: more used in fluoroscopy, convenient for remote control, for the remote control of gastrointestinal bed is an essential component
Manual collimation test is also divided into three models: NK102,NK103 and NK202.
NK102: commonly used in general X-ray machines, connected to 125KV ball tube.
NK103: designed for portable X-ray machines, it is mainly used to connect 125KV ball tubes.
NK202: designed for various X-ray machines, it can be connected to a bulb at 150KV and has a maximum X-ray imaging size of 17 “X17”.
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