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Collimation radiology for digital X-ray systems

Collimation radiology is configured for X-ray machines and X-ray collimator is used to limit the X source. Digital medical X-ray system, flexible customization configuration fully meet the needs, can choose the single-board multi-function configuration, single horizontal flat configuration and dual flat configuration, to meet all kinds of shooting needs.
Collimation radiology for digital X ray systems
The plate detector can effectively improve the utilization rate of X-ray, improve the image quality, and reduce the dose. Manual collimation radiology can effectively set the light field to be soft and low energy consumption, and the ultra-long life is maintenance-free.
Simplify operation steps and optimize operation flow.
Collimation radiology to reduce the dose of radiation, the image is clearer.
Newheek collimation radiology is divided into manual and electric forms.
Newheek collimation radiology is available to customers with different needs.


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