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Can X-ray Collimators really limit X-rays?

The structure of the X-ray Collimator is mainly composed of the shell of the X-ray Collimator, the radiation field control and adjustment mechanism, the display panel and the additional filter adjustment mechanism.

X-ray Collimators are used to limit the impact of scattering on image quality and to protect patients and users (radiation protection) by eliminating radiation from non-target areas of the body. It is suitable for matching with medical diagnostic X-ray tube components whose X-ray tube voltage is not higher than 125 kV or 150 kV.


Newheek has 3 main types of limiters.

NK102 is mainly used for 125 kV X-ray tube, mobile X-ray machine and fixed X-ray machine.

NK103 is mainly used for 125 kV X-ray tube and portable X-ray machine.

NK202 is mainly used for 150 kV X-ray tube and fixed X-ray machine.

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