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Can I do Newheek’s x ray collimator distributor?

Some customers asked the NK103 x ray collimator and asked for a price limiter. He asked questions about the product and proposed the idea of acting as a distributor. He is a departmental marketing manager. I have developed our company. He sold a lot of medical equipment with reagents. Such as X-RAY, usg, ECG, analyzer, light, bed, table, microscope, patient monitor, colorimeter, x ray collimator, so many items. Now I plan to start my business separately in the near future. I want to import some items from abroad. If possible, I will also buy some items from you. Do you have a distributor or distributor in Bangladesh? I have a good plan to develop marketing medical equipment.
Can I do Newheek's x ray collimator distributor
He is about to come to China and put forward the idea of visiting our factory. We warmly welcome and hope to establish cooperation on X-ray machines and x ray collimator and other products in the future. Thank you very much for this friend’s trust in our products, we will provide quality service.
Can I do Newheek's x ray collimator distributor


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