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Benefits of X-ray Beam Optics

The x-ray beam stopper, also known as the x-ray beam limiter, is an electromechanical optical device installed in the output window of the tube sleeve of the x-ray tube assembly. Its main function is to control the x-ray bulb under the premise of satisfying x-ray imaging diagnosis. The irradiation field of the tube output line minimizes the projection range and avoids unnecessary doses. And can absorb some scattered light to improve image clarity. In addition, it can indicate the projection center and the size of the projected field of view. Therefore, the x-ray beam optical device is an indispensable auxiliary device for x-ray irradiation and protection.
The X-ray beam light device is mainly connected with the tube, and its main function is to perform positioning when setting the position, simulate the radiation area of ​​X-ray, reduce the radiation dose of the patient and enhance the image quality. Its internal structure is also equipped with a lighting field indication system. It uses the light bulb to simulate the focus of the x-ray tube, replaces the x-ray with visible light, and is reflected on the bed surface after being reflected by the mirror. The optical path of the reflected visible light is consistent with the optical path of the x-ray after passing through the mirror, which can indicate the size of the irradiation field in advance. Due to the short service life of the indicator light, the lighting of the indicator light is controlled by the button switch, which can be automatically turned off within 15s to 1min. Some indicators have two levels of brightness in their service life to meet the requirements of indoor high-brightness lighting on-site indication. The reflector is usually made of silver-coated plastic, with an aluminum equivalent of about 0.5 mm, and does not interfere with the x-ray imaging. Also mounted in front of the beam limiter is a clean, clear plastic plate engraved with a black line or dot to indicate the center of the light field. Some beam limiters are marked with the irradiation field size of the corresponding focal length around the knob or within the range of the pull rod. It is mainly used to pre-set the irradiation field size before the irradiation field indicator lights up, so that the irradiation field can be quickly adjusted after the indicator light is on.
size, extending the life of the indicator light.
Our company’s beamers are divided into manual gears and electric gears. Electric gears are mostly used for dynamic fluoroscopy, such as remote control of gastrointestinal machines, while manual gears are more suitable for photography. This is achieved by manually adjusting the knob or lever on the beam limiter. The opening and closing of the beam limiter covering the lead leaves. Its internal structure is also equipped with a lighting field indication system.
The main parameters of the beamer:
Applicable to large voltage, large irradiation field, average brightness of light field, illuminance, light bulb, single lighting time of light field lamp, focus-installation surface distance (can be adjusted according to requirements), inherent filtering, additional filtering (optional), Details of external, optional, blade drive mode, etc.


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