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Beam collimation simulates X-ray positioning

Beam collimation is an important part of X-ray machine.The main purpose of X-ray collimator is to block the scattering of x-rays, reduce the harm of x-rays to the patient and improve the imaging quality.
Since X-ray is harmful to human body, beam collimation needs to be used to control the projection range of X-ray so that it can only reach the part that the patient needs to examine, so as to protect the part that the patient does not need to examine from unnecessary X-ray irradiation.
Beam collimation simulates X ray positioning
Beam collimation is usually installed under the X-ray tube, which emits x-rays, which are projected onto the subject through the blade openings inside the beam limiter.The size of the leaf opening of beam collimation, namely the size of the leaf opening, determines the projection range of the outgoing X-ray.
Newheek beam collimation is divided into manual type and electric type.You can choose according to your own needs.
Our beam collimation can meet your different needs.


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