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Automatic collimator commonly used in fluoroscopy X-ray machines

There is little difference in structure between automatic collimator and electric collimator. The difference is that the lead leaf state detection device is set in the automatic collimator. In terms of function, the automatic collimator can automatically maintain the size of its irradiated field with the change of the focal screen distance, which is mainly used for perspective. In fluoroscopy, in order to prevent the patient from receiving unnecessary radiation and prevent excessive X-rays from irradiating the fluorescent screen or image intensifier, the circuit of the collimator is limited, so when the collimator of the control rod is in the maximum open position, The ground radiation field is the same as the diameter of the input screen image intensifier. The size of the radiation field can be tracked and controlled by the change of the focal screen distance. No matter how the focal screen distance changes, the radiation field will not exceed the edge of the input screen.
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