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Are all X-ray collimators universal?

The answer is of course no. X-ray collimators are devices used in radiography to restrict the size and shape of the X-ray beam, ensuring that only the areas of interest are exposed to radiation. They are an essential tool in medical imaging and diagnostics.
The design and functionality of collimators can vary depending on the specific application and machine they are used with. Different types of products are available to provide greater flexibility and precision in radiographic imaging.
One type of X-ray collimator is the fixed. As the name suggests, these equipments have a fixed set of blades that restrict the X-ray beam to a specific size and shape. Fixed collimators are commonly found in radiography rooms, where a consistent beam size and shape are required for routine imaging procedures. They are not universal, as they are designed to suit specific X-ray machines and cannot be easily adjusted.
Another type of X-ray collimator is the adjustable. These collimators have movable blades or shutters that can be adjusted to change the size and shape of the X-ray beam. Adjustable collimators offer greater flexibility and versatility, allowing the radiographer to customize the beam according to the specific imaging requirements. These collimators are typically used in specialized imaging procedures and specialized X-ray machines where varied beam shapes and sizes are necessary.
Some equipments have additional features or technologies to enhance their functionality. For example, some products may have built-in filters to remove or attenuate specific X-ray energies. This feature can be useful in certain diagnostic procedures that require specific X-ray energy ranges for optimal image quality.
Moreover, collimators used in fluoroscopy, a real-time X-ray imaging technique, are designed differently compared to those used in radiography. Fluoroscopy collimators need to provide a continuous beam during image acquisition, and they often have a wider field of view to capture a larger area of interest.
In summary, X-ray collimators are not universal. They come in various designs, sizes, and functionalities to suit different imaging applications and machines. Radiology departments and medical facilities choose collimators based on their specific imaging needs and equipment requirements to achieve the best possible diagnostic image quality while minimizing radiation exposure.
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