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Anti-Scatter X-Ray Collimators

X-ray machine collimator is used for CT X-ray equipment for medical imaging, but also for non-medical X-ray applications, such as cargo scanners at (air) ports.

Collimator radiography for gastrointestinal machine
The CT scanner consists of X-ray sources relative to the arc detector array. The X-ray machine collimator is located in front of the detector to protect them from scattering X-rays. Ideally, each detector in a CT scanner measures the X-ray intensity to the detector after traveling along a straight line from the X-ray source to the detector.
Typically known X-ray machine collimators include thin plates formed from suitable X-ray absorbing materials such as lead or tungsten. These plates are focused at X-ray focal points and are usually located between detector columns (z direction) but not between detector rows. The collimator is called “1D” X ray machine collimator. In multi-slice scanners, shielding between two columns and a row of detectors has been found to be more advantageous. Both directions focus on X-ray sources. This type is called “2D” X ray machine collimator.
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