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American customers are very satisfied with our company’s collimator

American customers came to consult us after seeing our collimators on the Internet. After we inquired, we learned that the collimator purchased by the other party was to be used on a portable machine. We recommend the 103 collimator, and the customer was very satisfied after seeing the information and quotation, and paid a deposit at random.
A collimator is an optical device used to control the size and shape of a beam of light so that it is focused in a specific area. In portable X-ray machines, collimators are usually used to control the direction and range of X-rays to ensure that X-rays only irradiate the required area and reduce unnecessary radiation. Collimators also help improve the clarity and accuracy of x-ray imaging. Some portable X-ray machines also use digital collimators, which can control the size and shape of the beam through software to suit different imaging needs.
We are a company specializing in the production of X-ray machines and their accessories. If you need collimators, please contact us.

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