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Ali inquiry Botswana customer inquiry beam optical device.

On February 2, 2022, we received an inquiry from Ali and Botswana customers inquired about the optical device.
Ask the customer about how many K V bulbs the beamer is equipped with?’ Let me tell you about the beamer.
X-ray beam optical device uses and classification:
Mainly used for surgery, high efficiency
In terms of ergonomics, manpower can be saved, operation is more convenient, and the operator does not need to be distracted
X-ray beam optical device is also called X-ray collimator: —_ Aiming, keeping straight, straightening.
The projected light is a fan-shaped light, which can be understood as a cross section, and the width of the slit depends on the detector
Also known as analog (radiotherapy) positioning machine: there are precise lines, perspective positioning, left and right coordinate scales, a cross, a cross
There are scales on it. Surgery, etc. require wiring harness one – must be precise.
Let me explain to you the manual, electric-body X-ray beam light device:
1. Function conversion through the key.
2. X-ray automatic beamer: controlled by the machine and automatically controlled, so that it must be electric, the machine has a program, and it is set
value without manual intervention.
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