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About the use of electric multi-leaf collimators in radiology

Multi-leaf collimators are mechanical moving parts used to generate conformal radiation fields, commonly known as multi-leaf gratings, multi-leaf diaphragms, etc., and are widely used in the medical field.
The multi-leaf collimator usually needs to be used in conjunction with the secondary collimator of the radiation head. Therefore, according to the installation method of the multi-leaf collimator, there are two types: external type and built-in type.
The main purpose of the development of multi-leaf collimators is to achieve conformal radiotherapy. However, due to its excellent performance in mechanical structure and the flexibility and diversity of precise motion under computer automation control, it has a variety of potential functions.
The simplest example is to replace regular solid stops. In fact, in radiation therapy. Especially for some large fields and some postoperative radiotherapy, only a few fixed fields with blocks are needed. For example, large-area cloak field, hoe-shaped field, face-neck combined field, character field, electron beam unidirectional fixed field for superficial tumors, cross-penetration field and three-field cross-angle irradiation in standard radiotherapy, etc. This static fixed field irradiation has no requirement for dynamic control of the stopper, and can be easily accomplished by both manual MLC and MLC with precise position control function.
Whether it is a positioning film obtained by analog positioning or a body surface marked field, as long as the shape and isocenter (or coordinate origin) of the field are drawn in proportion, the three-dimensional treatment plan used in conjunction with MLC is input with a digitizer or scanner. The system can quickly use the edited data file to drive each blade of the MLC to form the required conformal stop field shape.
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