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About manual beam limiters

Manual beam limiters are mainly used for photography. The opening and closing activities of the wire shielding guide vanes of the beam limiter can be realized by manually adjusting the knob or pull rod on the beam limiter. In addition to the above-mentioned internal structure, there is also an irradiated field indicator system. As shown, it uses an indicator bulb to simulate the focal point of an X-ray tube and replaces the X-rays with visible light, which is reflected by a mirror and strikes the bed surface. The reflected visible light path is the same as the light path after the X-ray penetrates the mirror, so the size of the irradiation field can be indicated in advance. Since the service life of the indicator light is relatively short, the illumination of the indicator light is controlled by a button switch, and the button switch can be turned off by itself within 15s~1min. When the indoor brightness is high, some indicators will reach two brightness levels during their life to meet the requirements of the lighting field. Some beam limiters are marked with the field size for the corresponding focal length around the knob or within the range of the pull rod. It is mainly used to preset the field before the field light is on, so that it can be faster after the light is on. Adjust the size of the illuminated area to extend the life of the indicator.

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