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About collimator delivery in newheek

From the customer’s order to the finished product collimator delivery, we strive for excellence.

After the customer pays, if it is an ordinary product collimator, our delivery cycle is:

Collimator Delivery

* 1-5 Pieces, within 3 days after receiving the payment
* 6-10 Pieces, within 5 days after receiving the payment
* 11-50 Pieces, within 15 days after receiving the payment
* 51-100 Pieces, within 20 days after receiving the payment

If it is a customized product colliamator, it will take 3-5 more days depending on the original time (depending on the quantity)

If you want to receive the product collimator earlier, please place your order as soon as possible.

collimator for x ray tube

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