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A customer in Liaoning inquires about the optical device

Today, a customer in Liaoning found our company’s x-ray beam limiting device inquiry device through the company’s website, showed great interest in this, and then contacted our company to inquire about our company’s beam device.
The customer is a local medical equipment repairer in Liaoning, which is equipped with a fixed pet X-ray machine. After communicating with the customer to understand the customer’s needs, we recommended a 103 manual beamer to the customer. This beamer is used in portable X-ray machines, pet X-ray machines, and mainly for 125 KV X-ray tubes. The end-customer customer accepted our proposal and very much appreciated it.
Product parameters:
X-ray tube maximum voltage: 125 KV
Maximum irradiation field: 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm)
Minimum irradiation field: <10×10 mm²
Lead Leaf Control Mode: Manual
Dimensions: 180 × 155 × 100 (mm)
Operating power: 12 V AC, 100 W (minimum safe voltage)
If you are interested in our x-ray beam limiting device, you are welcome to contact us.

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