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A customer consulted our x ray collimator on Linkedin

When choosing a x ray collimator, we should choose the appropriate x ray collimator according to the tube and X-ray machine type.

A customer saw our x ray collimator NK103 on Linkedin. He wants a quotation for this x ray collimator. Generally, we will recommend it according to the customer’s requirements, but from a professional point of view, we will give customers reasonable suggestions or opinion. For the three x ray collimators of our company, there are matching tube or X-ray machine, so we specifically asked the customer about his X-ray machine type and tube KV. His tube is 125KV, X-ray machine For portable X-ray machine, our NK103 x ray collimator is in line with his requirements. It should be noted that our collimators NK102 and NK103 are both suitable for 125KV tubes. However, the collimator NK103 is more suitable for portable X-ray machines, and the collimator NK102 is suitable for mobile X-ray machines and can also be used for fixed X-ray machines.

Newheek is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of X-ray machines and spare parts. If you are interested in this type of X-ray collimators, please contact us by email.

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