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150KV X-ray collimator to reduce radiation

150 KV X ray collimator is a necessary component of medical X ray diagnostic equipment. Newheek X ray collimator is divided into manual and electric. They are suitable for different X-ray machines.
150 KV X ray collimator is installed under the radiation window of 150 KV X ray tube. According to the need of diagnosis, the radiation range of X ray can be limited within a certain range, and the radiation of X ray to human body can be reduced as much as possible.
150KV X ray collimator to reduce radiation
In order to achieve this function, 150 KV X ray collimator uses a certain thickness of lead plate to make lead leaf shielding X-ray. A pair of lead leaf groups are used in X-direction and Y-direction. The X-ray radiation range is rectangular. The lead leaf is installed in the mechanical structure of 150 KV X ray collimator. The lead leaf groups in X-direction and Y-direction are moved by manual or motor drive, respectively, and the X-ray radiation range is changed.
Newheek 150KV X ray collimator can meet your different purchasing needs.


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