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Whether the beamer is a must-have component

The beamer is an essential component of the digital X-ray system, and it is inevitable that some faults will be encountered during use.
Let me share with you the previous repair cases.
When the DR is turned on, the system is normal and cannot be exposed.
The fault analysis should be the problem of the beamer. There is an abnormal clicking sound in the beamer, and it feels that some parts inside the beamer are stuck. In order to see the problem inside the beamer, we disassembled the outer casing of the beamer. It is seen that the filter plate inside the beamer is faulty and cannot be raised and lowered normally. After careful inspection, it was found that the copper sheets on the corners of the first filter plate were slightly curled, and hooked the second filter plate during the rise.
Troubleshooting: We use needle-nose pliers to gently straighten the bent and deformed corners of the filter plate to restore it to its original shape, close the beamer cover, and the machine exposes normally.
Discussion: Since the filter plate inside the beamer goes up and down in turn, the chamfering of the first copper sheet drives the second copper sheet when lifting, and so on. If there is a slight deviation in the driving force, the chamfering of the copper sheet will cause deformation. . If the operator finds a slight abnormal noise of the motor in daily use, he can check and adjust the working environment of the equipment to prevent further development of copper sheet deformation and aggravation, resulting in abnormal operation of the beamer.

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